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Xmas Box 2020

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2020 Xmas Box⁣

** PRESALE ** This item will not ship until weeks 2-3 of November. Priority in order of;⁣


1. Internati⁣onal (with no guarantee you’ll receive on time for Xmas day due to current delays in the postal system)

2. Interstate⁣

3. Local (Western Australia)⁣

If you are combining other items with your order, please note that they will be shipped at the same time.⁣

1 x Xmas Box containing the following:⁣

1 x Mulberry, Rose & Kale Donut⁣

1 x Pack Festive Cookies (45g)

1 x Pack Hibiscus & Dandelion (25g)⁣

1 x Rose & Kale Hay Topper (45g)⁣

3 x Red & Green Rattan Balls

1 x Rosewood Wood & Loofah Tree toy


And for the hoomin slaves:⁣

1 x Pink Bunny Magnet

1 x Pack of hand made Gift Tags donated to us by the talented Angela at @butterflydays ⁣ ⁣

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Please note: Limited quantity available, once sold out they will be unavailable