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Luke’s Braveheart Waffles

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Luke’s Braveheart Waffle Cookies - Dehydrated Herb Cookies

Fruit free, hay based herb cookies flavoured with Pumpkin, Parsnip, Yarrow & Dandelion Leaf

Flavour combination inspired by Let Freedom Hop’s little foster fail, Luke ~ See his story below 

4 pcs ~ 45g



Written by Let Freedom Hop Rescue Bunbury 

Luke is an Angora x New Zealand White. He came to us at roughly 6 weeks old and weighed only a tiny 237grams.

We got him into the rescue because he has a bad leg. X-rays confirmed his right leg was deformed because was born without a ball joint in his right elbow.

He also had a bloat belly because of bad bacteria build up from not enough of his mama's cecotropes.

He so far has had 2 weeks of cecotrope transfer soup, been x-rayed, is on daily probiotics, fenbendezole treatment, butt baths, has had his leg strapped to his body for 2 weeks for stable growth, pooped blood, won the battle against Coccidia and nearly died from e.cuncil/low blood sugar attack.

He has been through it all and still a happy little monkey and full of energy. Nothing gets this boy down and we don't know any other rabbit that could go through all this and keep being so strong. He is a tough little champ and has such a strong will. He is so friendly and let's people fuss all over him.

He also loves a good lick of people's toes! 

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