We care about the environment and are excited to announce that you can now opt to receive your orders in plain paper and cardboard (wherever possible). Search for "Plain Packaging" and add to your cart - it's free of course!

Plain Packaging

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Plain paper/cardboard only packaging wherever possible.

there are a few items that cannot be packaged in paper or cardboard but we will attempt to deliver your order as environmentally-friendly as we possibly can.

Please note:

Does not include pre-packaged products such as pellet & hay.

Chaff must be shipped in a resealable plastic bag and hay toppers in the reusable pouches, however we are looking in to options to eliminate the need for plastic/plastic windows so please bear with us in the meantime.

Cupcakes must be sent sealed in a poly bag, this is due to the delicate structure of the filling. We are also looking at biodegradable packaging options for products like this.