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Posted by Melinda Wilkinson on

Recently we have had an influx of rehoming requests, but sadly - like the other WA rescues - we are already full and actually over capacity, meaning we cannot help these cases. At least, not until some our current rescues are adopted and their space opens for a new rescue to come in and even then, we will make preference for bunnies from shelters and vets who are at risk of being euthanised.

Unfortunately rescues do not have unlimited space, and it absolutely kills us to not be able to help every single bunny who needs rescuing. We often have to remind ourselves that "you can't save them all". Pets are a disposable commodity to many, and for this reason the amount of animals needing homes compared to the amount of homes who can take them in is unsurpassable.

Rescuing costs money, it costs more money than just the adoption fee that is paid. Every rescue we take in comes at a price. That price could be just the basic health check and vet work, to blood tests, dental or other major surgeries. When we take on rescues, we not only have to make sure that we have space but also make sure we have the funds available should they need more than the basics. I read someone's comment on a post recently that "adopt don't shop is a joke, you are just taking on other people's problems". Words cannot describe how angry I was with that comment. We work long and hard to rehabilitate animals so that they are able to be rehomed safely. Adopting is not a joke, in fact it's the furthest thing from it.

So, moving on...

In an effort to help people with rehoming when rescues are unable to accommodate your request, we have compiled a guide below of how and where you can advertise your beloved pets and hopefully find them an amazing home.

Before rehoming, please make sure you have exhausted all options and attempts at keeping your pet who has most likely formed a strong bond with you and the family network. Ask yourself why you are rehoming, ask for help and advice to overcome the obstacles you are facing. Consider temporarily boarding if things are getting too much and you just need a break from the hard work that pets are. If you think you can consider keeping them instead, feel free to get in touch with us and we can work with you to help try and solve any issues you're currently facing. With the right advice, you may see that there is a way and that's the best possible outcome in a high % of cases.

If not.... keep reading.

Please desex your bunny/ies before rehoming! You owe it to them at the very least, to ensure they don't end up in the wrong hands as breeding stock or having accidental litters. Dodgy BYB (backyard breeder) won't want desexed pets, they are useless to them - so that at least wipes out one specific type you are trying to avoid.

Your first stop should be your own circle of friends and family. Screening is hard HARD work, and you are NEVER guaranteed to have found the best home but if you do your research and due diligence then you've done your best and that's just the best that you can do.

You never know who might be thinking of getting a bunny within your own network of friends and family, so definitely start with Facebook/Instagram. Just be careful how you word it so that it doesn't get picked up by the algorithms and subsequently deleted.

Gumtree! Despite being flooded with awful backyard bred bunnies living in awful conditions, there are actually genuine people who look on there for bunnies with full vet work completed and are more than willing to pay the adoption fee for them. Set the adoption fee high so that you are only attracting genuine adopters.

Failing social media and Gumtree, send a message to all of the rescue groups to see if they have room or can put you on their waiting list. Here is a list of the current rescue groups in Perth, WA as at 19.02.2020 (if you confirm any have closed or new ones have been created when you read this, please send us a FB message or an email so we can update - savingthumpers@gmail.com)


Romeo’s Rabbit Rescue 

Don’t Go Astray 

HAART - Homeless & Abused Animal Rescue Team 

Animal Liberation WA


SAFE Perth

Lost Souls Rabbit Refuge  


Regional: Great Southern Animal Protection


Other States in Australia, please refer to the Pet Rescue directory: https://www.petrescue.com.au/rescue_directory?page=25&state=1&term= 


Rabbit.org have a great article to read about rehoming here: https://rabbit.org/how-to-rehome-your-rabbit/



Below are some Facebook groups which allow pet rehoming posts;













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