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Jesse ♥

Posted by Melinda Wilkinson on

2 years ago, almost to the day, a little stray REW hopped his way in to my life, my heart and to the hearts of so many others.

We named him Jesse, hot mess Jess. The poor little guy was found in a terrible way; Overgrown teeth, matted from head to toe, sore hocks the length of his feet & underweight with sunken in eyes.

Jesse, from day one, has always been the most appreciative and cuddliest little bunny I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing... and if you’ve ever been lucky enough to enjoy a Jesse cuddle, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Within a week Jesse wore his own teeth down from eating a good diet of 90% hay! We brushed him for hours and hours to remove all the matted filthy fur and dressed his sore feet daily.

It wasn’t long before he was healthy enough to be adopted, and so he moved down to Busselton with his new Mama, Julie.

He and Julie formed an amazing bond, he regularly stole her food and in return she was rewarded with love & cuddles... so many cuddles. Jesse waited for Julie to come to bed every night and then he snuggled in while she tried to sleep without crushing him. He’s so clingy, he literally snuggles in under your neck, it’s a wonder he can even breathe.

I visited them down in Busselton once they were settled in. Each time I arrived, Jesse would come running to the sound of my voice, climb up in my my arms and give me a long cuddle (the first 2 pics here are of my first visit after he’d left my place a couple of months prior).

I’ve actually never known a rabbit to remember someone like he does, especially after long periods of time, it’s quite incredible! I believe Jesse is an old soul, it’s like he’s been here before.

A year down the track poor Jesse’s incisors started growing out again but this time he needed them removed as he was no longer able to keep them trimmed himself.

Post removal he developed an infection and so stayed with me in Perth for a month while he recovered on antibiotic injections and tramadol.

He didn’t do great with surgery, he was suffering for sure, yet still this boy had all the love in the world to give.

After that long month, he was well enough to head back home. His Mama Julie was so happy to have him back, the place was feeling lonely without him.

Unfortunately it was only a few months after that that he became very ill and was rushed back to Perth.

An X-ray showed advanced dental disease in his rear teeth and he was put under GA that day to have the worst of the offending teeth removed.

Jesse stopped breathing from the anaesthetic, so it was reversed, surgery was cancelled and he was in such a critical state that the vet believed he wouldn’t make it through the night... so Julie and I drove up to say goodbye.

Jesse survived the night and he was still quite unwell but we were allowed to take him home where he would at least be comfortable should he pass away. He didn’t...

We took Jesse to see Dr Chris who looked at his X-Rays and upped his pain and antibiotic medication to make him more comfortable, and ward off infection (our priority was to keep root abscesses from forming). Chris said he believed Jesse could definitely live a little longer, 6 months for sure but maybe even years if we were lucky.

Julie and I decided that the best place for Jesse to be was in Perth where we were close to emergency vets, as Busselton is a couple of hours away with no rabbit savvy vets. So with broken hearts, but putting Jesse’s needs first, Jesse came to live with me as a forever foster.

About a month in, I introduced him to Ritchie. I thought it would be nice for him to have a friend, a brother... this would be the first time he had met another bunny in the time we had him. The bond was literally instant, they just fell asleep and flopped next to each other and have lived together ever since.


6 amazing months have gone by and this little bunny has been to Bunnings, cafes, my work, visited friends and played with lots of different buns - they ALL adore him. Even my Frankie, who is an absolute dick, absolutely loves him!

Gradually over the last month, Jesse has been losing weight and unable to gain it back despite eating like a machine. Recently his toilet habits have changed, he’s doing strange poops and wetting himself.

We had bloods run this week and the results sadly are not good. We will keep up his antibiotic treatment & pain management, but unfortunately it looks like some time within the next month we will be saying goodbye to our little warrior 💔

Our hearts are broken already at the thought, but we need to stay strong for him. We are trying not to be sad, but to instead be happy for the 2 amazing years we have given him because if he hadn’t have landed in the right hands, he absolutely would never have made it this far.

January is for Jesse, so be prepared for lots of spam. We are taking him to every cafe, on Bunnings trips, letting him eat unlimited pellets, even go to the beach and watch the sun set over the water.

For everyone who has had the pleasure of meeting him or followed his story... please keep him in your thoughts but at the same time please pray to the universe for a miracle.



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