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Blog Post ~ July 2019

Posted by Melinda Wilkinson on

Oh hey!

As not all of our customers are on Facebook and Instagram, I thought it would be nice to write a blog post every month or so to keep everyone in the loop.

Firstly I would like to take this opportunity thank every single one of you for your support & encouragement this past year. Opening the online shop was a big step to take as I run Saving Thumpers by myself, while working a part-time day job. 

The past year has been challenging at times, but it has also been fun and so very rewarding! Nothing brightens my day more than being sent pics and videos of the bunnies, piggies, ratties, mice (and even horses!) enjoying the treats :-)


Online Store / Product Information

There are a few products out of stock at the moment and I'm working hard to get everything loaded and fully stocked again. I truly appreciate your patience, it has been quite busy lately after the website was shared in a few FB bunny groups. I'ts literally been a case of chasing tails, make more treats, pack treats, have a quick wine if time will allow and fall asleep at the first chance I get... then do it all again the next day :-)

I've been asked a lot lately about new flavours, new treats, new ideas... the truth is, right at this point in time I'm focused on keeping up with orders, keeping customers happy, taking care of the rescues, trying to find them amazing homes and taking a little free time for myself any chance I get. There will be new things coming down the track, but not for at least a couple of months.

Seagrass Balls - These balls were sooooo popular! The supplier we got the blank balls to stuff with hay & treats are currently out of stock. We trust this supplier's quality and need to be patient while we await restocking. We can't afford to compromise on quality for the safety of the little fur babies, but please know I'm checking frequently.

BW's Narna-Berry Treat Packs - The treat packs will be back in stock at the end of July - beginning of August

Vegorama Pizza Slices - These pizzas are crazy popular! So much so, that I had to send my moulds off to have copies made so that I can make more batches at a time! They will be re-stocked next week (end of July)

6kg Vetafarm Rabbit Origins - Supplier is currently OOS and will be back in stock by the 2nd or 3rd week of August.

Burgess Excel Feeding Hay - Will be restocked as soon as we meet the minimum order requirement to make shipping costs balance out across all products. The more Burgess we can sell, the quicker we can re-stock so be sure to share the love!


Next blog (August) I'm going to go in to full details of our products, but just quickly I want to let everyone to feel at ease knowing that we only use Vetafarm Rabbit Origins in our treats, and we will never use cheap filler based pellets!

Health and well-being is a top priority (obviously, we are a rescue afterall) and the reason we use pellets in the treats is so that they don't turn to crumbles and dust. Super flakey treats are dangerous - they can be sniffed up and cause animals to choke, especially when they get too excited over them.

There is approx 1g of pellets per 1 x regular size cookie, the amount is very minimal and absolutely will not affect your pets daily feeding requirements :-)

I'm also working on updating each and every listing in the website, but it does take a bit of time to do this so please bear with me until then ♥


Saving Thumpers Rescues Update

Be sure to stop by the Adoptions page from time to time for live updates: www.savingthumpers.com.au/pages/adoptions

NZW Boys - We took on a litter of NZ White x Californion babies so that they did not end up on Gumtree or Facebook as food. Unfortunately REW (ruby-eye white) buns are looked over and so the chances of them being snapped up to be used for meat rabbits is almost guaranteed.

The litter was large, 6 surviving kits made up of a girl and 5 cheeky boys. Miley was adopted as soon as she was 10 weeks old by a lovely Saving Thumpers customer and she's doing really well! The 5 boys were named Dylan, Hendrix, Lenny, Ritchie and Taylor.

Lenny was lucky to be adopted 8/7/19, Ritchie is doing well in his trial home, Dylan is going to his trial home in a couple of months (to Jesse's Mum!), and the remaining 2 boys (Taylor & Hendrix) are with me at home growing in to handsome, well-behaved big buns. I hope their furever homes are just around the corner because they would both really enjoy having free range of a whole house - they are very curious and love going on little adventures.

Mocha - This cuddly boy didn't work out with his first trial home, the bunny we were hoping he would bond with wasn't too keen on the idea and Mocha was a bit too busy for a dedicated bromance. However, their sister fell in love with him and so he is currently on trial with them and their adorable chocolate doggo - a matching pair! 

Mika - Cutie Pie Mika has been renamed Benjamin, and is currently loving life in his trial home with a cat, a dog and a whole family of loving humans! He's only been there a week but the photos and videos we have been sent are absolutely gorgeous. I don't think he's coming back any time soon.

Wilbur - We haven't yet posted about Wilbur, as he's still being fostered by the amazing Dr. Chris after his eye removal surgery. If Chris doesn't foster fail, we will be writing about his story real soon!

For now, you can visit @drchrisvet on Instagram to see Wilbur's story, photos, videos and why we think he ain't going anywhere :P


A Little About Me 

I'm Mel! A very busy Bun Mama of 5, sort of 6, but sort of 7 (it's complicated, we will get it to that another time lol) living in Perth, WA.

I'm originally from Mount Barker, WA where I owned my first ever buns over 16 years ago, their names were Jack & Hemery (she was initially Henry... the usual story).

When Hemery died from myxomatosis a few years later I vowed never to have another, as it was a disgrace that the government didn't allow vaccinations in Australia.

Fast forward a few years when I moved up to Perth and visited a local wildlife park and discovered an awful set up of bunnies being left to breed out of control. The park owners clearly had no idea the basics of rabbit care, as the males were never separated from the females or babies, they were living in a wishing well type set up that was not insect proofed and so it was no surprise that the bunnies were all dying.

When I questioned the onsite vet she offered for me to take on some babies to see if they could be saved. I took 2 of the little babies, Frankie & Charlie, who were approximately 4-5 weeks old. Charlie got floppy bunny syndrome within a few weeks and sadly didn't make it, then Frankie got floppy bunny syndrome a couple of months after that however he managed to survive 3 bouts of it over 2 months, and is still with me today... he's about to turn 3 in October. 

Since then I have acquired many more bunnies (as you do in rescue!); Shadow (Frankie's Bunwife, saw her on a FB ad all glum and filthy... had to ), BW & Cookies (foster fail bonded brothers), Pancake (forever foster, currently trying to woo the boys), Ziggy (the unadoptable, crazy, blue-eyed lunatic bun who we love and adore despite her evil ways), and just recently Jesse has come back in to my care due to having advanced dental disease (he's less than 2yo). I will do a special blog post just for Jesse's Story another time.

Wow, that didn't take long to ramble on!

So to sum it up;

Hi - I'm Mel and I'm like... really addicted to buns :P


So it turns out it doesn't take too long to write a whole page of bunny ramblings. Can't wait to be back with a new blog post including updates, product news, rescue stories, special mentions and more...

If there is something you would like me to specifically write about in August, or any other general questions, please leave a comment below!

 ♥ Mel

Want to support us, but have no use for the treats in our store?

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  • OMG Mel that was such a good couple of posts – didn’t get bored once! Just even more intrigued! “I’m Mel! A very busy Bun Mama of 5, sort of 6, but sort of 7 (it’s complicated)” XD I came to place an order after I saw your vid of birthday boy on the run with your baked treats :D but there are sooooo many! Took me a while but I think I’ve got a good mix. We are moving to Rockingham in 2 weeks and I’d like to place the order now but if I put in the new address are you able to hold off and post it after the 10th? I’d just like to pay for it now rather than wait as I know money goes “buy buys” almost as quickly as the memory during moves ;)

    Kylie on

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